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Helpline - Utilities
Bulletin Board
Helpline - Utilities
CSEZ Water Treatment Plant (WTP)
Water treatment plant & Complaints regarding Water Distribution System Tel # 2413363
CSEZ Common Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP)/Incinerator
Shri K K Paul
CETP, Incinerator Tel # 2413361
CSEZ Power Distribution and Billing
Stations Engineer & Complaints regarding Power Distribution System Tel # 2413362
Mr.Arun G.R /Ms.Sunitha.K.P Power Billing System and Payment - CSEZ Administrative Building Tel # 2413364
KITCO - CSEZ Administrative - Building - Mr. T.R.Raman,J.G.M Tel # 2413365

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Cochin is a 1 million plus port city located in Kerala State. more..
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+91 484 2413111, 222, 234 mail@csezauthority.in
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